Saturday, 28 January 2017

Mind processing

Lets take some time to delve into our thoughts, how do thoughts really work? When we think something it appears in our mind and just as soon as it appeared, it can disappear... fascinating isn't it?

The ugly grey thing in our heads.

Somehow not everyone has the same organisation, I might call it, in our heads. Those with mental health do not anyway. (Yes its that time again) they have a range of thought disorder from abnormal beliefs; delusions, grandiosity etc to disorganised thinking including going off topic and loosening of association this means they are more likely to talk about unrelated topics (or it may appear unrelated to you, but in their head it may have a connection) they are more likely to discuss things that are unrealistic (or it may appear to you) but what I find is when we look at it, we aren't really all that different. We just call it different things.

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