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Sorry for what?

For people who are extremely apologetic, anxious, or just soft natured people I just want to say: you're great! We need amazing people like yourselves in this horrid world! 
But amazing as you are... Stop being sorry for everything. I was reading a story about a guy who knew a woman who felt like she should be sorry for everything. When anything bad happened at work she said sorry (it wasn't even her fault) when someone hurt themselves she said sorry. And what that did was make her extremely low in her esteem: she blamed herself for everything, naturally it makes a person feel down and change the way they see themselves. So no don't be sorry all the time! 
Being sorry all the time makes it hard to stand up for yourself, so if you were in a situation where someone is wronging you ,you wouldn't say anything because you're always sorry. 
Just the other day a guy was really impatient and while I was topping my oyster up he said 'the machine is gonna go you know' an…

Flying with Geese

I was watching an informational video about geese today. It talked of how geese fly together; how when one is hurt, two geese stay behind to look after it. And when they are flying the ones behind honk to motivate and encourage the others to keep going. 
It's so weird how animals can have more sense than humans. And animals can't reflect or ponder like us, yet they can understand the importance of helping one another. In society it seems like no one wants to help eachother anymore- we all tend to look out for ourselves. It's fine, it's fair I suppose: we don't rely on others and we don't get disappointed.
But I think it shouldn't be that we walk on others to get to places or would deny others help if they needed or wanted it from us. 

Letting go

Letting go isn't easy- sometimes we don't let go but circumstances are such that we are forced to. 
I suppose over the past couple of months I realised absence does really help with letting go. Moving on with your life, yeah you still remember sometimes but you just keep going. That's what I feel like I'm doing, I'm just moving. I just have to keep going. Even if I don't want to, even if I'm not ready.
After a while you come to a time when you can look back and laugh at how things have changed, how much you've changed. 
A lot of the time I feel like I'm in a bubble surrounded by words around me trying to define me and people just zooming past like a scene in a American high school movie where the new kid is walking past tons of students not knowing what's going on. 
I suppose when you let go- you feel slightly lost, displaced.
(I was just thinking about some stuff, I don't know if I made sense, sorry)

Nars Bars: Video

In today’s society, apps like Instagram and Snapchat have led to a growing interest in self appreciation or as some might say, narcissism. Narcissim by definition is an excessive interest in oneself or appearance.  However some might say it is a growing reflection of the society we live in. As technology has advanced the ways in which we communicate has changed, as well as our values and priorities. Youtube, a well known organisation, has become a platform for many to showcase their talent, their life and their beauty. While this is positive for self-expression, there has been negative side effects too, for not only younger viewers but older ones too, the desire to have a similar life and fixing ourselves upon screens can not be healthy.

The link to the video below, discusses the influence of Instagram, and his view of how narcissism has not recently materialised, while I agree with him on this point I do believe social media has enhanced the way we appreciate ourselves. The conclusi…