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Good Times

Hi there.I have some news-in the past month I have been away a few things have happened.I signed up to Volunteering in Malawi (in Africa) and I have been fundraising by selling sweets and organising Iftar events! Alhamdulilah so far I am happy with the progress and I feel motivated to do more. The plan is, InshaAllah to visit Malawi in August for a week before then I am to raise 2.5k for the School, the registration fee I pay will cover my flights, accommodation and meals. So alhamdulilah!That is something I never thought I'd be able to say, that ME, I am going to volunteer abroad. And for me, it's not just a one trip and then a tick for my bucket list. No I genuinely want to be actively involved in projects abroad and I plan to InshaAllah do the ICS three month abroad programme to be a part of those projects.I have also have been involved in numerous projects like with an online magazine, fundraising challenges and I am also looking into doing some spoken word poetry. And, po…
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just run

I did it.
I actually did it.

I ran a half marathon on the 25th of march. The experience was better than I anticipated, i didnt feel that tired until the 12th mile and I ran without stopping until the 12th mile too, although if I had taken breaks I may have been able to get a better time. I ran the half in 2:48mins but I have to say I was with the 2:30 pacer the whole way until mile 12, so that let me down. I think music helped me to be faster, but if i ever do it again i want to do it without music.

The half marathon event itself was disappointing if im honest. The crowds, stalls, music etc. werent as i expected, everything just appeared really dull. There were toilet cubicles every 3 miles or so and water around then too, I did have lucozade when i could but it didnt really do much, i was just focused on getting to the next mile.

Things that helped me:

-having a good meal the day before, i had three jacket potatoes medium sized
-I prepared everything day before (bag etc.)
-I woke up …

Believe and Do

I have realised something.

It is brave to realise your dreams, it is brave to pursue them.
It takes courage to try and get there with the possibility of failing.

I have finally decided I want to try and get there no matter what.
With simple inspiration "If you can dream it, you can do it!" by Walt Disney
I think we can all believe in these simple words to try and achieve our dreams.

It's way more complicated than just 'doing it', but starting the process makes it a whole lot easier.

1.The first step for me, was to identify my dreams and goals. Just simply noting down my passions. Sometimes even thinking about your hobbies can help you to identify your dreams.
These steps weren't followed one after the other, it kind of happened naturally. Taking time to write down how these dreams and goals will make you happy will help you visualise how it can impact your life.
Sometimes the fear of failure can stop you from even identifying them, its scary, hell I know. Bu…

Running to the Docks

So last week I went to the royal docks- well that's pretty ordinary, no idea why you decided to mention it as a post
Well guys, I ran there.
I knew the course roughly via barking road until you need to turn towards Newham University Hospital, from there its straight until you get to Prince Regent DLR and then a right and about 10minutes will you get you to Royal Victoria DLR. It's a simple route, but I did get lost at the T-junction towards Custom House or Eastham, luckily I had my phone on hand to guide me. 
The route was easy enough, I have ran to Plaistow a couple of times, so that was familiar, from then, it was touch and go. However with such a long route you do need pitstops. My pitstop was Newham University Hospital, they have a toilet and a prayer room, what more could you ask for? Plus it was Sunday, so it was practically empty!But other pitstops could be Westfield, from Plaistow you just follow it round, but that would be a detour from the route so I found the Hospit…


When I think about it, there's not much to it. Marriage that is, you either get married or you dont. The in between is one filled with doubts, is this worth it? how much sacrifices will i have to make?

No matter how many questions you have you'll never really know.

In reality you don't know the extent of how hard it will be, I am thankful for seeing others' experience of marriage, it made me realise how hard it really is. I am also thankful I have found running, running has made me want to do more and explore more, and its made me want to this by myself.

It might just be I don't have enough experience of the world to know much about marriage, I only had one go at it(a proposal that is), and even that was a mess. But it's made me cautious and level-headed to not rush into anything, when I think about it if I had gone through with it, it would've definitely blew up in my face. I can honestly say it was a blessing.

Yet at the time, I felt like the world was end…

Runner Books

Running books I have read so far in order of the ones I enjoyed best. Along with my review and rating. Before I present the books, I'd like to advise something. When it comes to reading for a topic, like running or writing, read as much as you want. But don't continue if you absolutely cant, but if you can do so, you will always find you have learnt something new!

Whalley, Boff- Run Wild

This book was inspiring. It had passion and made me want to rediscover the world and nature!
What I learnt:
How to be inspired by nature when running, weaning myself off listening to music while running. Running doesn't have to be about being fast, its about enjoying it.
-Easy to read
- Nice anecdotes
- Philosophical
-May not suit people who like running marathons
- As he enjoys running wild, he is bias when it comes to marathons, in that he dislikes it. He did a fair job not completely insulting it but some people may not like that he believes wild running to be above runni…

Running Free

So as you know I've been reading more running books, and since reading a particular book my whole perception of running has completely changed. Before I introduce the infamous book let me give you a brief background on the books I have been reading so far. I've been training for the half marathon and in preparation I have been reading running, tips, memoirs, how-to-guides and in this search I have read many running journeys, to which I am very grateful for, I have learnt so much about the struggle many people have gone through, making me feel a part of a community in some sense as I can relate to some of these struggles.

Recently I read a book titled Run Wild, I had no idea it would be so different from the running books I have read. He spoke of running free, surrounded by nature, and he made me think about the purpose of running. What is running for you if it limits and confines you by times/distances? At first I thought well, it disciplines you, I suppose, and if I'm bei…