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I'm tellin  you , it's this world it does funny things t you, messes with yo head. And that's why you gotta find solace.
Solace in God, fool! Don't be talking about no stay gram or cult. God is thee only one that gone help you out of your mess! 
Don't be kiddin' yoself thinkin' 'ahh Joseph gone come round' and help me outta' this rut' naw damn well he aint! only God gone be there when life gets drawn out thin, you think Joseph gone be there when you die, fool? Don't be living and dyin by yo friends,
Listen to yo old grandpa, when he say I been living for a long time na, and I learnt the world makes you think funny old things, things you would never think before , things like I ain't pretty no more or that girl is betterr than me. Or my frend is my worl'. Things no sane person would think! You hear?
Even Things like the colour of my skinn determines my worth naw you see? This world it messes you UP. It gets inside yo skin and digs it …

What I've learnt from my Dad

Dads like every human being are flawed. They have good traits and bad and for a long time I only saw the bad but recently I've been thinking about the good... 
First off let me say, he was born in Bangladesh so when he came to Britian he had to work for everything he has now. I think every ethnic minority (or even European) knows what I mean, our families have worked so hard to build a life here, in famous ' london'. 
This work ethic is still as strong as ever. And I admire it, he's constantly working and he will do the best at his job. And the thing with my Dad is, he doesn't have pride or embarrassment in anything he does, whatever situation he's in, he'll take the responsibility and do it. I think that's admirable and I also think British (Bengali) guys lack this, the strong work ethic, the social responsibility, understanding a 'mans' role or what have you.
We are all so selfish and caught up in our own lives we don't have time or we don…