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Inspo me to Worko

Let me ask you, who's your inspiration?
... And your motivation?
... And let's not forget drive?
Endless words I could ask you including determination, passion, ambition, the list is infinite!
What makes you want to achieve great and big things? Makes you reach up to the sky and take a chunk of the sky out? Makes you live way up in the golden castle of clouds?
Is there anything? Is it survival? I've never been a person who's been extremely motivated, or driven. I just do what I do. I've always lacked self confidence but I believe I gain more everyday since I've acknowledged it.
My sister was talking to me about how she has a little voice in her head that tells her to go further, to keep going and never stop. The voice that holds high expectations of her makes her want to prove herself. (To herself...)

I think we all need that, we need drive to push ourselves, to be better, because I'm telling you, yeah you. You could be a hell of a lot b…