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My Eid

I used to think Eid was all about fancy new clothes, cool places to go and people to see, but maybe over time our perception of quality of an Eid experience changes, maybe I got wiser or maybe I just finally come to understand how Islam can change persons outlook on life. 
I've been having a hard time with understanding life but alhamdulilah I've come to trust and put my faith in Allah and I plan to record how I did it.
Not that I know a lot but excuse me of my peasant-amateur experiences, today was Eid and alhamdulilah I didn't do a lot, I didn't buy extravagant clothes, or go new places, I didn't even see many people, all I had was my family with me and that was enough, because alhamdulilah you don't need that, Eid isn't about big celebrations it's about celebrating what you already have, and with the right attitude I was able to see that, when I was young I thought Eid was meant to be exciting and dramatic but it's not, it's only as far as what…

Ask Me A Question

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
Sisters can I ask you something?
Or maybe something more?
Do you love Allah as much as this Dunya?
If you do, then how do you show it?
Are you underlining the words if you do? 
Is your or my love greater than Allah's?
Are you wondering why I am asking these questions everybody knows the answers to?
Do you know the real answer? Or are you confused?
Am I making sense?
Is my voice loud enough?
To be heard.
Or should I be a mouse with no voice?
Where do I go, to find these answers?
Answers and answers
Piling up..
Maybe you can tell me, sis, whats the answer?

Feed me, Clothe me

There has been an undeniable surge and establishment of fashion in the female muslim community/hijabi fashion. I agree that it is important to take pride in your appearance and being fashionable in itself is not wrong. But wu ju bi fan- too much of anything is not good. We must govern our wants and not let them enslave us. It is okay to wear different colour hijabs, accessorize, put together different outfits or ‘OOTD’s’ etc. However, what I observe today, is hijabi’s becoming prey to consumerism and unfortunately some of us are getting eaten alive.  As muslim women, we are absolutely empowered by the clothing Allah swt has told us to wear, the abaya is a beautiful, loose fitted piece of clothing which is not only timeless, but resists any sort of ‘look’ other than the look of a muslim. It is comfortable and can wash with any occasion. There is such a beauty and a grace in the abaya and hijab that no other piece of clothing can match for a muslimah.
We must resist the consumerist socie…

New Blog

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
I on reflection have decided I will inform you of a new blog I have created the reason why I was not going to mention it, is because this blog is not so much so focused on Islam,but myself as an individual. It has my philosophical musings and may not be conventional, it won't have Islamic poems or advice or even news related to Islam. It's simply my thoughts and honestly my life, I'm not perfect so what I may say may not always be correct or normal but the reason I created it is to release my thoughts and I felt a blog would be appropriate. You can check it out if you wish, the blogs name is Infinite Vestige. JazakaAllahu Khairan. Here's the link:

Just A Little Cuban Independence

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,
So I've been researching US foreign policy and I came across the struggle for Cuban independence. Cuba was originally under Spain's control but Cuba wanted independence and with American assistance they won against Spain in 1898.However Americas kindness and altruistic nature really only comes to surface when they ban the Cuba government from signing treaties with other countries as well as making Cuba their personal little coal and naval station, really America you are too much! 
There was debate among the people despite there being imperialists there was also anti imperialists like Tillman who really did not want to interfere in the Cuban peoples right to govern ( the Teller Amendment) however the one who actually had a bigger say unfortunately felt they weren't capable of self government, I would say I'm surprised at McKinley but then again I'm not even though he, originally did not even want to go to war with Spain, be…