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Being humble is hard, im giving it to you real.

Sometimes it's just SO easy to think hey I have this and this and they don't have that. And hey I'm good at this and they ain't- and for girls, all you girls out there ;)- it's hey I'm prettier than her......

Sometimes you literally need to take a step back and slap yourself mentally. Like one big mental slap. You need to tell yourself, you need to shut ya ugly mouth, you ain't better than no one. Obviously sometimes Shaytan is always whispering as he does, like seriously get a life shay? 

But sometimes it's a part of our own self obsession and my sister was actually talking about how society has made us so self obsessed and I do think it's true we are all so in love with ourselves. You see on Instagram those beautiful (mashaAllah ) girls constantly taking selfies , which I'm not dissing, because personally I hate it when other people diss girls who takes selfies or do duck faces; you should understand that it's society that has made girls like this, the constant need of approval from people, the insecure feeling that we aren't good enough, I would say that while it is time wasting and shallow I'd also say that I've been there too , and I can vouch that it's a hard thing to get out of, the self image and  what others think of you, I think without reliance on God and his appreciation of you, how do you distant yourself from that? 

It's so common nowadays, and I think people need to get that it's not easy to not care about others opinions when that is WHAT you rely on- as a society we are constantly reflected as what others see us as, our perception is moulded by what others think. 

For girls when you want to be pretty it comes from others saying it, for guys it's showing off their muscles or what ever they want to be seen as. 

I used to be a shopaholic which I have actually stopped now alhamdulilah! Yay for me! Didn't even need rehab 😅😏 but the only way I was able to stop was through sacrificing it for God, I thought to myself I want to be closer to God and this self image thing is ruining that for me.

So I let go of it and do you know what I developed a little more humility, and it's good, it's good to have humility but I'd say you get more humility as life goes on. As you get knocked down life kicks you to the curb, when you get up you're ready for more and you're not so stupid to  think you wont get knocked down again. But that's good you know why? Because it makes you treat others better, heck I'm so GLAD I got kicked to the curb because I was a little rat before I'm so glad I have a better understanding of others peoples situation and I know how it feels to be low. I pray that everyone can experience humility because humility is such a wonderful characteristic, honestly I think sometimes people think that when they get kicked down- they shouldn't change instead they should be resilient in their attitude because it's the self belief of why should I change ?! 

But maybe you should, maybe looking at why you got kicked down? If you don't change then it's like you're living life and yeah you're more wise but you're not improving as a person, are you? 


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