Saturday, 7 January 2017

Long ago

(This post was meant to be published in September 2016)

I know I have not been writing I think I've been preoccupied with watching Daria. I was going to attempt to say I have lots of work but I haven't so I'm not even going to go there! Or if I do it doesn't feel like it!
Anyway I have been the worst when it comes to looking decent in university. I wake up and I just wear anything sometimes I'll wear the same scarf like twice (which is no biggie except when you are wearing the exact same outfit every day, the scarf should atleast change right? Well appears not for me!)
I don't know its not like I feel unhappy I don't dress up I kind of just think I should at least make minimal effort. I mean it's good in a way I can go without makeup and nice outfits. It's good to be on the other side sometimes, make myself feel a little bit more normal.
I've been reading a lot more not really related to my outfit because I always have enough time to dress up in the morning anyway. Plus I read to and from university
I think my point is, as unusual as it is for me, considering the time i was crazy about dressing up a lot, its good to not care about our appearance sometimes. Its good to focus on other parts of ourselves(like our brain?).
Its also good to keep in touch with a more deeper side of ourself.

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