Tuesday, 26 April 2016


I'm tellin  you , it's this world it does funny things t you, messes with yo head. And that's why you gotta find solace.

Solace in God, fool! Don't be talking about no stay gram or cult. God is thee only one that gone help you out of your mess! 

Don't be kiddin' yoself thinkin' 'ahh Joseph gone come round' and help me outta' this rut' naw damn well he aint! only God gone be there when life gets drawn out thin, you think Joseph gone be there when you die, fool? Don't be living and dyin by yo friends,

Listen to yo old grandpa, when he say I been living for a long time na, and I learnt the world makes you think funny old things, things you would never think before , things like I ain't pretty no more or that girl is betterr than me. Or my frend is my worl'. Things no sane person would think! You hear?

Even Things like the colour of my skinn determines my worth naw you see? This world it messes you UP. It gets inside yo skin and digs it deep so you don't even know yoself, makes you think you ain't who you say you are, makes you THINK you ain't good enough. And God don't exists, that's what they won't you to think! 

Let me ask you, since you been on all that social media stagram' stuff, you like yoself? You really think much of yoself? 
You feel gooood about yoself? You spend time doing good stuff? Bein' there for yo family? 

Or you be sittin glued to your screen like it gon run away, neglect in all yo family and turnin you into a damn near robot ,a damn near insecure robot I say! 

I'm gon tell you! Comparin' yourself to no one ain't gon make you feel you good, fool! Not lookin up to see if the world is alive ain' gon earn you any friends.

Go out and see the world, use yo time. Be there for yo brother, be there!And don't be lookin at yo phone like it gon run away.  

Find yoself in God, you ain't gon find him in yo phone. If yo wanna know who you are you gotta leave yo phone by the door, you willin to put it down?

    You want the best solace in the world    it's right in yo prayer. 


  1. I enojoyed that and it made me laugh yo!

    1. Haha! I think I've been watching too many African American movies! I'm glad you liked it! :) And sorry I don't check comments often hence why I'm replying three months later!!