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Barefoot basics

Today I tried out barefoot running it was definitely an experience! I could really feel my feet doing the work and I quite liked feeling my feet hit the ground. I didn't have any injuries or much pain than usual. My muscles were a bit sore like normal.

You can buy a similar pair from sports direct any sort of aqua shoes should be enough protection for your feet.
These are the hot tuna pair I think my sister bought them for a few pounds I don't remember.

-you can feel your feet hitting the ground which feels kinda nice
-you can get used to it quite easily
-very lightweight on your feet

-you have to work a bit harder because your feet are doing alot of work your feet get tired more easily
-you can feel the ground when you're walking when you're running it doesn't really matter

I borrowed my sisters hot tuna aqua shoes. Hot tuna usually do sports gear for water sports. The ones I wore are a cheaper alternative to Vibrams. Vibrams are a bit more on the expe…

Sweating clothes

I bought some new running gear because it's always good to look the part. I bought one jacket, trainers, a running belt, a hat and a sports bra. Firstly I'll start with the thing I loved the most. I love the running shoes. Before I bought them I researched what would be best for me, as I tend to run on pavements and the brand of shoe I would be buying, I needed a good pair of trainers that were decently priced. I ended up buying the Saucony Swerve.

It was £44.99 originally £89.99 which is a normal price for trainers. Pros:
-feels comfortable on the feet
-has seriously helped with my shin splits and ankle injuries
-feet feel lightweight P. S that's why I invested in running shoes because mine were too small for running and they were quite tough to run in which caused me alot of pain. When buying running shoes always buy a bigger size as your feet will swell.  But in another post I'll talk about minimal running shoes which is called barefoot running. Cons
-it's …

Message to Books

Reading has always been a huge part of my life from when I was young to now. It has healed, it has provided comfort, cured boredom and loneliness, it has been my oldest friend.

When I was in year 9 I signed up to Carnegie and I started reading more, then I joined book of book awards and unpublished book reviewing and then I joined more. And my weeks were filled with running home changing and making myself a nice plate of chips to sit down and read with. I finished four books usually in a week and I would review them for the clubs. I was the first one to complete my reviews and I often got certificates and awards for reading the most, reviewing the most, my life was about reading.

It wasn't because I loved reading to begin with, that happened later. I initially started because I was lonely. I didn't have many friends, this was because I was quite headstrong and bossy at the age of 12/13 which caused me to lose lots of friends, this experience humbled me however and made me intr…

First Snow

The first day it snowed I was happy, I was awoken by the sounds of pitter patter on my window and the shapes of white houses. It had snowed. You know the first day it snows is meant to be romantic like how in movies they say meet me on the first day it snows, it's not a time or a date, it's just a day it snows and it's quite beautiful. I wanted to run on this day too, this was my long run day. And I wasnt prepared to be stopped by snow, or so I thought. After breakfast and gazing admiringly out the window I adorned my new running gear I had received in the post yesterday, (I'll do a post on this too) and was out the door to join my family frolicking in the snow. Then I set out to run. When I entered the park it was white and mostly untouched there were a few people around and by the time I had reached the bench my feet were soaked, I tried to drain my socks and continue abrasively in the snow but after 1 lap my feet were frozen, and I was sure they would come snapping …


I have been reading a lot of books on running and writing so I'll do an update on good books for that soon. I have been walking more too, it's so refreshing to walk somewhere instead of sitting down and waiting to be delivered.I walked to another area's library and I found they have so much more books! That's one thing I liked, two I enjoyed looking at my area and other areas as I walked. I also felt alot more alive than I do when I just return home by train.It really excites me finding new libraries, I plan on visiting more to scour out more running and writing books as well as fiction books! So I'll post the good ones on here! I want to get into a habit of walking to places if I can. I use the podcasts to entertain myself or music, long walks need something or I do get bored.