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Double take

What I've realised recently is that when you watch/read something twice you get a better understanding and a whole new perspective. I watched two of my favourite dramas like three times (I loved them so much) and I understood the drama so much better, parts that I didn't understand were much clearer and I got a better idea of the characters and their intentions. This is true with books too, I've never read a book twice but when I've read a surah more than once I do have different feelings and I can get more meaning from it too. So why don't you try it? Read/watch something you love and see if you can get more from it.The two dramas were: Master's Sun & King of High SchoolThe Surah: Surah Mulk

REVISED: Kdrama Addicts

Assalamalaikum,If you haven't read the Kdrama addiction post ( it might be hard to understand the references I make in this post- if you want to you can look at it otherwise just figure it out. I know previously I have said watching Kdramas are bad and blah blah, but as I've matured and I am not so addicted I can say it's not a bad influence anymore because it's taught me things. Initially I felt insecure by Korean beauty standards but now I think I feel more secure in myself because I know I'm happy with my race, my beauty and where I come from. I think I can happily admire and appreciate Korean Culture without it affecting my self confidence. I think that has come from a place where I've learnt how to be grateful for everything and work on my love for myself. Also I've come to love cheesy clich├ęs, I know I've said I didn't like it in the past, but Japanese cliches seem to reall…


Guys I need your help! I'm fundraising money for Islamic Help for Palestinian and Syrian refugees by trekking a waterfall which is similar to mountain trekking, any donation big or small is valued even passing it on! The link is just there ---->I'll post the URL here too,


Chocolate Bandwagons

I feel like sometimes when someone upsets another person or a person's negative habits arise people are quite quick to jump on the bandwagon and label that as their 'characteristic' or them being well known for that particular behaviour which of course is not true, sometimes people act out of character when pushed and obviously sometimes it is their negative habit but sometimes it's not. And I think the sometimes it's not is important. Because when we focus on the fact that this person is 'like that' we forget that sometimes we can also be 'like that'. We all are a little bit selfish, a little vain, a little petty, a little too confrontational: sometimes. Just because at that time it wasn't you doesn't mean it hasn't or counldnt be you. Sometimes I get really annoyed with my sister and I think God why are they like that, and then I think that about another sister and usually it goes around until my whole family has had that thought from …