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Important news!

I no longer carry a carrier bag, 1. my sister never fails to mock me for it, 2. it got stolen.
Well stolen is an exaggeration. A good citizen (more like a goody two shoes) decided they'd chuck it away, the first time it happened I found it, the second time, it seems they got better and I couldn't find it. What a torrid game of hide and seek. And I lost. Anyhow I also don't carry water with me, this is because its annoying to hold it and I'm used to it. At first I didn't, I thought I needed it but I didnt really, i think i was just afraid.  I also run for longer without stopping and I run to and from the park, I feel like I get more running done this way. I'm reading more running books aswell! Unfortunately theres not a lot of good running books so I am going to have to visit some more libraries to find them.

yes im a beginner. and ive gone and signed up to the London Landmarks Half Marathon with Muslim Hands for clean water around the world. Its in mar…

Books for That writer

I have two writing books I've read and would seriously recommend if you want to become a writer. I've always been into poetry but I've been really bad with writing stories. These two books have inspired me and I have written a 12,000 word story (which is still being edited) in under a month! (I'm pretty sure it was within a month). Even if you don't want to write books, it can still help you with writing poetry. With writing it is essential to do it daily. Honestly. Writing everyday really has helped me with my creativity! I have no idea why but I have a thing for writing love poetry. Moving on, on to the two books. The first one is How to Write your First Novel by Sophie King.

219pages at £9.99 (read it from your library before you buy to see if you want it long term) Non-Fiction
Summary: An in depth guide to how to write a story. From story planning to ideas and when to write there's a chapter for every question you might have!
Pros: I believe you could pr…

Run like Mad

I've been running for about two months now and I've picked up a few things that may or may not be of interest to you in any case read on if you'd like to know.
1)Firstly, setting up a running routine is good because you know exactly when you want to run and you can fit in your other life around it, this includes the time of day you want to run and where, as well as for how long. I run in my local park which is about a 10minute walk from my house, however some people don't have park that's close in that case you could run in the local area. I also run for 30-40mins on Wednesday and Friday this equals to about 3laps around my park, the reason why it's good to round it to laps is so you don't have to check the time. I usually do a long run on Sunday for about an hour. I usually run after breakfast but as I tend to write in the mornings if I wake up late it can be early afternoon too. 2)Next, at the beginning you might not experience running injuries but after…

Wake up call

This is a wake up call. ... Beep... Beep... This is a wake up call. Default:
In case you'd like a reminder I'm here to give you one, I'm writing this to remind you that even if theres earthquake tomorrow or a universal uproar next week you'll still always be the same to me but you have some work to do. 1. You are wild in thought, in action and in every and any possible way. You are definitely not normal, but that's good. That's okay. That is what makes us right. Continue to be wild and live your dreams and follow your destiny (whatever that may be) that being said don't get carried away, I know that happens often. Don't act on impulsive decisions. 2. Know your own value of yourself before taking anyone elses opinion. Its happened, time and time again. Where you believe someone else or you water yourself down like a vodka bottle that's (far) too bitter to taste at first. Why shouldn't you be bitter to taste? If that's you, those that can han…