Thursday, 19 January 2017

I've been lying to you

It's a sad time. A very sad time. The truth is I've been lying to you.

I'm sorry. Can you ever forgive me?

I don't even wanna say it but the reality is I'm not as despondent as I appear. I'm not even as weak as I make out to be. I underestimate myself so much I end up believing the lies. I'm sorry it came to this but the truth is I'm great. And the people I meet, yikes they're even greater, I've learnt so much from those around me, and it's time I start to make the most out of it. I could probably get through what I'm dealing with now a lot more easily if I didn't spoil myself so much.

See the thing is, I think we all get like this. We all forget how good we have it. (Not every case) some of us (like me) have no reason to be confused or sad, but we are, because we are faking our weaknesses (in our minds) so we need to stop and start being awesome. (Hey Barney Stinson)

Im so silly, anytime it's a little bit tough I say "you don't deserve this, princess, let's go, right now" and that's it. It's that stupid reasoning of me being treated like a gold member a VIP and in fact I'm not a VIP, hey let's not take it out of context, it's good to be VIP once in a while, but sometimes it's good to take the dirt, roll in it if you want, but take the damn dirt for once, stop saying 'im a princess' you'll never experience life if you live like a princess, and unfortunately life will always be hard, so you either suck it up now or forever be a pompous potatoe!

And trust me, noone wants to be a potatoe, especially not a pompous one!

Here's to not being pompous potatoes! (Let's raise a glass of water, here here)

And....That's a wrap folks.

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