Friday, 25 October 2013

Painful Love

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Todays post was inspired by a conversation between me and my sister. She is starting her own blog, congrats to her! :) She spoke about the topic of love which led me to question my thoughts on love.

What do I believe love is? What is love? How is love related to Islam? Well love can be seen as a force, an overwhelming feeling that overrides our thoughts and actions. People say love is a drug and it becomes addictive. Which is true, literally. I see the raised eyebrows and rolling eyes but hold it because its true. Scientifically when you fall in love, im talking the giddy youthful love; butterflies, heart pacing yada yada. Your brain produces dopamine which is a drug that has a similar effect to cocaine. Fascinating right?

Despite this the strongest most powerful love that ceases to exist is between us and Allah.This is because the love that is shared between your Lord and you is spiritual and much more grappling. The almighty created us and we as Ihsaan have a natural pull towards Him. The sweetness of Ibadah and tawaqqul is the precious gem in the widest river. You will see in time the peace in one's heart can only be attained through worship there is nothing in the world that will calm you more than your faith in Allah. Thats why you see those celebrities that are morally sick, have no faith in their Lord, end up in a hotel, overdosed. They have no comfort no matter how far they search they won't find happiness, lust, drugs, and endless materialism corrupts the soul: blackens the core and slowly erodes it eventually leading to depression and suicide.

This is why we should continue to strengthen the bond between us and Allah. Not to mention other muslims. Allah (SWT) put love and mercy in our hearts so that we may be dutiful towards our parents and spouses. The bond between a mother and child is innate. We develop a strong bond with our mothers and throughout our lives we dependent on them therefore it is important to appreciate all that we given and help our parents.

The most important love after Allah and our parents is our spouses. Allah looks at a married couple with mercy when they look at eachother in happiness, subhanAllah we get reward from a simple action. This is why you should always cool our arguments down and forgive for Allah. Apologising to your spouse even if it's not your fault will be rewarded as you are doing it dor Allah.Loving for the sake of Allah increases our love and the purpose of it too. When we make friendships we should do base it on our love for Allah i.e does this person remind me of Allah and Islam. Friendships are not meant to distract you for your purpose so InshaAllah bear this in mind.

This was fairly brief and I know I could waffle on and on. But for now that's all I'll say. So take care :)


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