Saturday, 5 October 2013


Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh, So Y'all today I was thinking, you know really thinking, and I realised I am not good with commitments. But I am trying to be and this is what I have come up with. The key is forcing yourself to go ahead with it, now sisters I am not talking about forcing yourself into marriage or things you DONT want to do, you shouldn't burden yourself. Im talking about things you WANT to do but may get scared or lack confidence to complete. For instance you hate one of your classes, but the teacher is really good and the class is alright, the real problem is you dont have any fun. You should force yourself to stay on, life is not always about fun!

So moving on to the real topic at hand. How this relates to Islam. When we want to pray Tahajjud or do Sunnah fasts, we often get that voice saying "its too hard", "what about school tomorrow?" ...problems pile up faster than you count. Lets remind ourselves that the key to getting things done is motivation and determination along with a pure intention. And not to mention Shaytaan spreading his little whispers around.

Forget the "problems" but the rewards! And remember anything you want to do you can! Nooone is stopping you! Another tip, tell yourself 'let me just try it out this once, if its too hard I wont do it, just once' normally this helps me.
Its not always easy to do an act and continue with it so dont burden yourself with the thought that once you've done it you have to maintain it every day, you could do it every Friday or even every month, whenever. Just try and be consistent. The consistent acts are most beloved to Allah(SWT) (sorry there's a hadith about that but I don't have time right now) Just dont stress out too much.

Okay so I hope that helped sisters!


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