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Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
As a fellow human being I can say that I have had my fair share of bad experiences. Experiences which I regret and wish never happened. But the past is a memory that can only be recollected in our thoughts and not in the present because the past is untainted so our future can be recreated. Nice quote thing there huh? Well the reason I speak of this sisters is because everyone has a past, that lurks around them like a lingering smell.

The thing is we should realise by now, Islam is the air freshner that will make us not only relieved but our noses happier. We all make mistakes and that's no reason why we should be held down by them, it's a mistake not a representation of who you are. We know that repentence allows us to redeem ourselves and by the will of Allah(SWT) we can start afresh, a new page in our books InshaAllah.

The real issue at hand sisters, is when we acknowledge our mistakes and can repent but judge others for their mistakes/sins. Noones perfect. Lemme begin with brothers/sisters who aren't so practicing, they are journeying through life, and have not yet found the true essence of Islam so therefore we have no right to judge 1) because we are slaves to Allah(SWT) 2) because everyone has their own jihad. Judging can be... Omg she wore scarf one day then next she took it off...Sister, whatever she did is between her and Allah(SWT). Yes advising is fine, but please think about the way you say something it can offend sisters. This goes for brothers aswell. For instance, What? He prayed one day then next minute hes chilling with girls. Just think about this for one moment, if it was you who had done this(boy or girl scenario) and people started judging you, would you feel inclined to ever go towards Islam again? Wouldnt you feel as though you get judged every moment and that there'd be no point?

It's important to remember this sisters as we all forget. Dont judge others because they sin differently. (i think thats from How I Met Your Mother) next I wanted to discuss practicing sisters and brothers. Lets not forget that we all are striving for Jannah and the closer we get the harder trials we face. So when a practicing sis makes a mistake don't judge her and start making assumptions that shes no longer 'practicing' or shes a hypocrite. Lets assume she's trying like all of us. Noones going to make it through life with no scratches.

Even if a person is unbelievably holy they can still make errors so bear that in mind. We are not here to judge others, remember our purpose do not digress. :)

Also please remember sisters, I am not perfect by any means so whatever I say is a reminder to myself first then to yous.



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