Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wisdom for life

Im not a fashion blogger but I do like fashion. Interesting fact for my readers who havent been around for a while, this blog was intially a fashion blog but after consideration I changed it to a lifestyle/islamic blog. So there it is, i mean ive always had a liking for fashion and today i thought id mix it up a bit and give my readers some tips/tricks for fashion styling.

1)buy essential pieces so you dont end up buying lots of random bits and bobs. Essentials from plain white shirt(cotton,chiffon whichever) basic trench/overcoat, nice flats (pointy, strappy) ((buy these from primark or newlook ((theres a sale!)they are less expensive than the current rate for nice flats, basic colour wide leg /skirts, some general hijabs. Once you have them just mix and match! You could buy a few of each of these in different colours so that way you have different arrangements.

2) i find personally newlook do nice shoes whether its heels or flats i love their range and the sizing is good for me (size 3) they also always have a wide range compared to other stores. Specifically i go to the westfield one! Primark in ilford also have a good range of shoes but only shoes anything else is not good.As for jackets/overcoats boohoo have a nice range of the ones everyone is wearing but its not as cheap looking as the market ones. As for hijabs i like chiffon so inayah or florinaboutique is good. They have a few in ilford mall i cant remember where exactly but they have it in the scarf stall (its quite long). But you could also just buy georgette material from markets and wear them. Alternatively just buy the ones from whitechapel market. For shirts,trousers etc. My sister recommends primark in romford they have a wider range that usually have a lot more than the other east london branches. Lastly, blazers. The best blazers in my opinon you can find are in forever 21.

3) to change the way you wear a shirt tuck in one side and leave other out. Or tuck it all in and make it loose by pulling some out. Or even tie the front up in a knot. Wear a tshirt undearneath and dont do the buttons up on the shirt (more casual)

4) add heels to any look to make it look more dressy.

... Yeah i dont have anymore.

       I thought i had more when i first started writing guess not. Anyway ill leave you with this exciting information. Ciao

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