Sunday, 21 August 2016

keeping my eyes wide open

I know I havent posted in a while the reason being I had no 'advice' or wisdom shall I say to impart. Today I came back from my sister's house- she lives in West London. It was refreshing to say the least. Its actually strange I honestly didnt even know my mind was so cloudy or bogged down. The only reason I knew was because when I came back I felt so much more happier or relieved? Whichever it was it helped.

Thats the thing I think it often happens to us all, we are so wrapped up in our lives and the constant negativity we feel its normal or rather we are so accustomed to it we know no bette how to overcome it. Its not that we dont want to sometimes we dont even know how to help ourselves.

Think to yourself. When you wake up every day how do you feel? How do you feel about challenges in your life? Do you ever feel genuinely happy? It is a sad truth that I am not always genuinely happy. But its not because im ungrateful sometimes its our minds and the constant cycle we are feeding. We need to break it. How?

Do things that scare you. Theme parks, leading a project but..
 It doesnt have to be big. As funny as it may sound watching a scary movie helps me. Thats probably why I am a bit of a horror addict.

Connect with Nature. Its so important to just see nature. Theres so much profound beauty in nature its unbelievable. I like watching the water move in lakes and seas. I like watching flames too, i could sit there for hours just watching.

Indulge in your personality. What i mean by that is if you are an introvert, take time alone. ( i can help you out there im hugely introverted) whether its reading or going cinemas alone do what makes you happy, what gives you peace of mind. But if youre an extrovert maybe organise a get together hang out with loved ones have a meaningful conversation with someone. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Take a week to just relax dont do any chores or bogged down serious stuff just have fun. I mean it you deserve a break, you might think youre okay but youre subconscious disagrees with you!

Stop thinking so much (in regards to responsibilities, stresses, and whatever takes up your thoughts)and if you dont already, well done! Im super happy for you!

Try and do headstands(do it with caution and learn how to do it the right way using step by step guides) they are good for digestion, blood flow and relieving stress and anxiety!(i started today will let you know how it goes!)

Dont bottle up your anger (this is more for introverts) that is not to say release it on whom so ever treads in your path but release through other means
 Whether you rant to a friend, or cry about it, or even write about it, do it! But ive found talking about it helps. You could do all of them! Karaoke is good for that aswell I suppose sing away your anger!(in your worst voice!)

Start doing things for yourself as well as for others!its important we remember ourselves but also others.

Lastly think carefully about the direction of your life. Are you going where you want to? If you are not, think about how you change that.

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