Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I think I had a misconception for a long time about Islam, that I feel somehow I've begun to clear. I used to think that when you truly love Islam- so much so that every day you wake up, you're so excited just to be alive! Who feels like that now, with such materialism and shallow thinking who actually wakes up feeling that, and not something ridiculous and pathetic like a wedding or an event somewhere where somehow you get to showcase your looks or your talent?

When you truly love Islam- I can't even describe the feeling of sweetness, there's no worries, no stress, no headache. Because you rely on God and every day worries became second to it all because you know God will be there and whatever happens is his decree. That is not to say (speaking from experience) that mental health issues dissappear, no but that in itself is a test one which still needs reliance on God, and i do advocate the use of treatments and therapy although not medication because I feel there are too many side effects (for issues like depression, perhaps for schizophrenia and bipolar it is different) 

But yes as I was saying it is a test one which again needs reliance on God and in a way reliance on yourself, your capabilities I feel like we, more so those that have mental health issues, we underestimate ourselves we believe ourselves to be weaker than we are. We have those crippling 'I'm not good enough' those 'I can't possibly do that' but sometimes you need to say 'I can and I will' sometimes you need to say the good things about yourself. 

People with mental health issues, I feel, generally have a bad perception of themselves what with the taboo of mental health in society it's a general feeling of being abnormal, and not good enough but that is why I'd encourage us to make ourselves feel good, once in awhile we should blow our own trumpet , we certainly don't do it enough! 

Why should we feel down? Why should we feel inadequate? The only person who is stopping ourselves is ... Yes I think you know, it's us. I'm afraid you need to stop looking around the glass bubble you live in and just break it just break it and leave the pieces for someone else to clean up for once. 

The real point of what I was saying was not in fact and I know you might be surprised, was not to talk about mental health it was actually to draw on the fact that when you love Islam and absorb yourself- yes everything becomes second to it and yes it's wonderful. BUT this is a big but it does not mean you have to give up your dreams. You can love Islam and be eternally grateful and still progress, you can still have things you want to do or work to.

In my experience I've always sacrificed something because I felt it was more Islamic to be completely Islamic and not have a worry about career or jobs and just be content with what I have but I've realised that's not always what you have to do- it's up to you. Islam does not say you have to give up things you like, if it's beneficial for the umma have and a positive contribution to society AND you enjoy it, why on earth, you silly mare, would you stop? 

I don't even know if I make sense half of the time but it's not about that, no! It's about me making sure all you silly mares understand this point of mine. I hope you do, but if you don't please email me. 

Im starting a mental health diary as I'm going to be using natural remedies to help me with relaxation and mood which I will be posting about soon once I buy them...


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