Monday, 6 June 2016

Updating my Anxiety

So in recent months I've been a lot happier, for my fellow anxiety readers, I feel as though it's so much easier to feel down, as it is our own negative reasoning that makes us feel inadequate. It tells us we can't do this and we can't do that- fear driven by our worst enemy, ourselves.

However I have discovered things that have helped me and may help you too, and may help those who just need a bit more happiness in their lives. I've started giving myself routine- so I wake up early and do things like brush my hair( then try to do a hairstyle although my hair is quite short)  make my bed, pray (if need be) and have breakfast. I always try to also have two glasses of water before every meal to help me eat less and get more water. 

I try and make a different breakfast every day that's relatively healthy. So one day I might have porridge and toast along with fruit. Another day I might have tuna sandwiches and pancakes (I eat weird combinations) it makes it more fun for me I suppose. And then I usually clean and get cooking.

Now when I cook I usually wear an apron just for fun. I think for people who are depressed or anxious routine really helps it gives you stability and motivation. I've also tried to do more things I enjoy like going library wearing cute tops at home (it's the little things!!) and generally keep myself busy. 

I've also started reaching towards m goals, my own personal ones. And I've read for people with anxiety it's good to do this, to try and meet you own goals to make yourself feel like you're doing well. For me I needed to start my theory and I put it off for ages but I just thought no I'm going to do it and so I started revising for it.

What I also did is anytime anything freaked me out or I felt pressured in any way- I had a little talk with myself. Like calm the hell down its not a big deal! 

But the most important thing I have done is changing my mentality and erasing negative thoughts. Anytime I start thinking I can't do this, or what if they think this I just say no! And I just think I can I can. We don't realise it but our subconscious has a huge hold on our we react to events in our daily lives. The way our minds operates is undoubtedly affected by our attitudes. You just have to believe in yourself! And you have to be strict really strict! Never let bad thoughts in they don't go away! Only positive ! 

And of course rely on God and pray he makes it easy for you.

P.s Ramadan Mubarak! 

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