Saturday, 28 May 2016

Sorry for what?

For people who are extremely apologetic, anxious, or just soft natured people I just want to say: you're great! We need amazing people like yourselves in this horrid world! 

But amazing as you are... Stop being sorry for everything.
I was reading a story about a guy who knew a woman who felt like she should be sorry for everything. When anything bad happened at work she said sorry (it wasn't even her fault) when someone hurt themselves she said sorry. And what that did was make her extremely low in her esteem: she blamed herself for everything, naturally it makes a person feel down and change the way they see themselves. So no don't be sorry all the time! 

Being sorry all the time makes it hard to stand up for yourself, so if you were in a situation where someone is wronging you ,you wouldn't say anything because you're always sorry. 

Just the other day a guy was really impatient and while I was topping my oyster up he said 'the machine is gonna go you know' and I felt it was really rude, I was just about to top up he just had to wait a bit. So I said it: I told him to wait. And for me that's weird because I don't really retaliate to people. But I realised sometimes it's needed, sometimes we shouldn't be sorry! 

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