Sunday, 3 January 2016


Often I try to think of ways to begin a post without it being too forced. But then me even thinking about it is a little forced...

Well anyway I've been thinking about this Dunya and how easy it is to be attached to it. Not even in an overt way like being money driven or obsessed with fashion but even like possessive over your things- that to me is attached to the Dunya.

What I mean is we should get to a point where we have no 'belongings' they are ours of course but we have no sadness when we lose them or even if someone else wants them. 

I believe when you truly detach yourself from everything, items, aspirations and so on you feel more able to concentrate on Allah. That is not to say we can't like having things or having aspirations but we should feel no regret not having them because Allah should be enough. 

It's just reliance on God really, when you have nothing you can't leave- you are really a stranger in this world aren't you? And we are meant to be strangers aren't we?

I found an awesome quote to sum it up, from our beloved prophet (SAW) 'I have nothing to do with this world. The parable of me and this world is like a rider who rests in the shade of a tree , then he passes on it and leaves it" 

-narrated by At Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah  


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