Sunday, 3 January 2016

Some smelling dwelling

So I realised that over time it got harder to practise Islam, not like the basics but to really perfect my character. I realised that this was inevitable,( as I already talked about ) but I also realised that to help perfect my character I needed motivation and a good mood to which there are many different therapies for.

Like pets, pets are said to be therapeutic and as a Muslim the only one that comes to mind is a cat but as my brother really hates cats I don't know if I'll be allowed maybe when I get married... 

Also I've found babies are quite calming and relaxing- usually helps with my mood. As well as the use of incense and scented candles like the other day I bought a jasmine and gardenia candle and it smells divine and it honestly does help me feel more positive. I also bought lemon lavender and Kilimanjaro stars (fresh mountain smell) candles from Yankee Candles. I love anything that smells natural or fresh.

I also bought a few oils. Like Ylang ylang and miroamia? Oil from Holland and Barrett which have a very relaxing smell , I usually apply them and try to meditate or wear a face mask (Korean face sheets are the best, particularly pure source and holika holika) with calming music -really helps to relax and take away stress. Especially someone who worries a lot.

I also bought lavender bath bars from Lush and lavender is meant to be good for mood so that helped as well. I basically surround myself in nice smells because I'm very big on smells- smells can instantly help my mood and make me feel motivated.

I also bought some vitamins because I often feel tired so I've been having vitamin b12, vitamin D, folic acid and valerian root (helps anxiety and sleep) which has helped me I do feel more energetic and I don't get anxious as much. And because I love lotions I bought a few smelling lotions and rose water... 

So see what you think, you may not be big on smells but you never know. Most people are I think, you may see a difference in your attitude but more likely people with anxiety will benefit. 


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