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Falling (Part 2)

Its funny how life can change in a year, a month, a few days or even a split second.

This concept of time always amazes me, mainly because of how fickle I am I have no understanding of time, I change from one thing to another and although sometimes it's bad, ive come to truly appreciate it in the best of times.

Sometimes I feel as though my world is crumbling okay not sometimes its those rare moments in life where you wonder when will life actually end? It just seems like a constant battle of nafs and you don't want to end up losing- again. It's not always easy to put on thos boxing gloves especially if you can't find them.

Sometimes, I suppose we all get there- when we feel as though we can't fight the urge to give into our sins and we end up sinning. The reality is, when we sin we don't want to be told we are sinning because then it becomes cold hard reality we are going against our Rabb.

We do everything we can to block out our dearest conscience, and yeah for a while we manage, on this temporary pleasure, but then it comes, sisters, that light of truth, it hits us back and we fall stumbling; clutching at the air, and we are falling, falling so hard it feels like there's no ground to catch us and we so badly want something to hit, so atleast we feel that punishment, but we don't its just emptiness. Because now we now we realise the extent of our humility before our Lord.

Then what do we do? We have a feeling of regret, a longing in our soul for comfort from Him. But we feel ashamed to turn to Him. Sisters no matter what we can always come back, always.

First of all, leave that sin, don't ever look back, second concentrate on the bigger better things in life. Your family, your friends, start being a part of their lives, more.

Rectify your sin, whoever it involves asks forgiveness from them then move on. Ask for sincere forgiveness and try to pray Tahajjud

Do good deeds keep doing as much as you can, make it a competition! Try to do as many as you can a day and do more the next day!

Read Qur'an- This is single handedly the best solution in the world. No joke. The Quran is the most comforting book I can ever recommend, it's as though we are listening to the Almighty, to his instruction, it is perfect and trust me tranquility will fill you InshaAllah.

Read the translation aswell to help you understand and bring you back to your purpose my favourites are Surah Qiyamah and Surah Rahman.

Talk to a friend or someone close to you about how you feel let it out. And tell Allah aswell. If you need to cry, cry. Do whatever you need to do.

Don't feel miserable and depressed all the time. Sure you did something bad but we all do! Allah is the most merciful so believe in his mercy. Understand how you fell into sin and take steps to avoid falling into it again.

Understand why that sin would never have helped you, look at why it is forbidden using your own mind.

The truth is, shaytan is one trickster, and he comes from different angles, you have to know he won't stop, so you have to be prepared, don't think because you are practicing you won't sin, we all are able to do so. Therefore we should all be careful InshaAllah.

It's scary how easily we can fall into sin, and the reality is we don't know what could happen in the future who we will be. But look at this way sisters, did you like who you was when you did that sin? Did your family like you? Would Allah approve?

No right? So we must understand that we can control our nafs we just have to fight it. No we can't guarantee our future but we can do our best to avoid minor sinning, like fitnah of the eyes, ears, mouth etc. Preventing yourself from these should help you to be wary of bigger sins, and constantly surround yourself in good company. Lastly this is so important never ever be idle, don't allow Shaytan to mess with you.

If you have nothing to do, do something productive! Or do dhikr! And always question yourself before doing anything you are unsure of ,dont ever feel lonely one) Allah is with you 2) I'm always here to listen :D email meee

Haha. JazakAllahu Khairan for reading and I am by no means perfect so may Allah forgive us all, we await that day when we will be called upon to come back to our Lord.



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