Saturday, 4 February 2017


I was thinking about something. It came up when my teacher spoke about treatment for mental health patients. Some treatment like talk therapy including  discussing hypothetical situations for example what would you do if money was no object? Or what would you do if (your problem e.g. anxiety, insecurity, low confidence )wasn't a problem? The main focus of this was being able to discuss the fact there is hope. That this situation that the person is in, is not forever. Thats what is important, the ability to have hope that things could change given enough time, effort.

Just merely glancing into another reality or another dream brings you one step closer to being able to make it your reality. It would be slow of course, you try and attempt these wishes, slowly by slowly and make these dreams real. I was thinking how this doesn't even have to be treatment for someone who has a 'mental health' condition because for God's sake we all have mental health issues but not all of us are diagnosed.

I've just been thinking of a wonderful world of hope for myself, where I can be taken on a journey of self discovery and love. I think I'm going to compile a list of all the things I would do if I didn't need money and if I didn't have low self esteem, confidence, anxiety etc. I might even put it on here. Why don't you try it too? Maybe see all the things you're missing out on, then maybe you can have some hope too. Then we can stop day dreaming and wishing for more and start having more.


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