Sunday, 19 October 2014

News Update

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I am sorry for hardly posting, I have been studying and I have more duties at home now.
Not that it's an excuse, I made this blog so I should be consistent.
I think I'm losing ideas, I'm not as practical anymore, mainly because I've realised not all problems can have solutions from other people..I.e me. There's emotions I've felt and experiences I've been through, though I've recovered. I couldn't honestly say how I got there, and I hate that. I hate that I can't help you, the reader through your struggle. I just don't know if I am in a position to give advice, when I can't even coherently give the advice.

Well I have an idea. I do government and politics right, so we have to discuss the news everyday, so I could give you a news update with an Islamic perspective, while I think of Islamic solutions to your individual problems. Okay so recently there's talk of Conservative and Labour manifestos right, MIlband got slaughtered for missing out the deficit which in fairness Ed balls already mentioned but anyhow now you have Cameron jumping on the bandwagon about EU, which obviously an attempt at decreasing attention for UKIP. Then you have talk of cutting taxes and mansion tax, which might as well be called Zakat because that's what it is, Mili Islam thought of your solutions years ago. 

Anyway though the conservatives make a logical argument, I still don't see how they will reduce the deficit, they may be gunning for Miliband but in reality, them cutting taxes will just make us pay more tax on other things. Though cleverly they haven't mentioned. You musta heard about the Sun Sex Sting in the news right? The MPs got caught up in sending pictures to a fake woman who was actually a Sun journalist. The hilarity of it. We choose these people to run our country. 

That is why you don't get man to rule, because man errs and clearly these men fall far too deep. 
Yet when religion comes into question. No, not possible! The audacity, religion, God who created us. He know how to rule us perfectly? What a question! 

The thing is. In some cases I agree with actions being implemented by MPs, but in general I still see the flaws, those cracks aren't going away, they will just get bigger I'm afraid. Zakat balances the wealth. What doesn't make sense about that? If you don't pay towards the poor how will we ever maintain equality? Honestly it really does show you how much the private businesses control society because it's obvious the mansion tax will never go through what with the political parties being endorsed by these businesses.

Yet people know this, but they choose to remain in the fog, if only you would walk out of the box that limits you , it's just a line on the floor people! Walk over it!

For now, I don't have much else to talk about. Till next time..


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