Sunday, 10 November 2013


Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I should really be asleep right now. However I have words to write. Do you ever find that your identity is clouded?

Or sometimes mixed into other identities that you didn't want? Or maybe you did want... The real question I am posing to ya'll is what is our identity?

What should we be known as? The "fashionista" , "pious" , "geek' , "pretty" common tags that we are labeled as. Sometimes I get real sick of tags and not just on my clothes!

Those tags that seem to be printed in capitals on your forehead but yet when you face the mirror you never see? Well heres the thing sisters, whether you or I like it or not, humans have to label, its innate I presume.

Therefore we have to question what we want to be associated with? Is it makeup, fashion, looks, intelligence we want to be our status? Or should we want our Deen to be glowing for us with no words but action?

Sisters, inevitably we fall into a cycle of materialism where we chase a westernized perception of the ideal, yet I find myself questioning whether that's even real? I'm here with you sisters we all fall, but I want to help you up, dont chase the money or the makeup rather dress your soul with illuminating cloths of knowledge and ibadah.

Don't you feel empty when you dress to impress instead of dressing to please Allah? Its not a judgement it's  a question, I am asking to ask yourselves, deep inside. Do you feel that your entire life, from the minute you entered and cried with delight in begging your Lord to enter this world to minute you die when you see the Angel of death taking your soul, that you have purpose when you engage in frivolous acts that have no meaning? Now sisters I would take offence if you even think I am trying to judge or hurt you, I want you to think and ask yourself, that's all, and if you can't answer, maybe thats your answer right there.

I admit it's not all bad... but its to the extent where we sacrifice our Deen, don't. Take stand. Even if it's just you on that stand, ride it all the way home, I would.


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