Monday, 15 June 2015

The Mind

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I wasn't going to post this on this blog as it is more in line with the topics, themes or whatever of the other blog I am an author of, (infinite vestige) however I feel it has some wisdom( you may call it that?) and hopefully will be useful to others so I will share here, feel free to comment!

Soul series
Soul finder number two
Well soul finder number one was a walk in the park right? Literally! 💛😂. Number two, although it was hard to find and I wasn't sure when I actually found it. I think I might have found it. It's not so obvious and these are in no particular order or even in importance. But number two is about the mind. It's about controlling the mind, training the mind, loving the mind. Nurturing it to be beautiful. Although I would like to say I'm a beautiful being, truth is, I'm not. But with time I can become one. It starts with fixing my faults. Pulling myself back when I want to do things that are a bit too wild. I've realised this over the past few months, like a month or two ago, on impulse I got my eyebrow pierced. It was wild, wacky and down right crazy. I thought it was part of my teenage years, living my 'life' to the extreme, shows how smart I am right? 

I have now closed the hole. I suppose it allowed me to realise what I want, if I want it, how it makes me feel and so on. It was an experience. I'd say. I often do things on impulse, people who know me would definitely describe me as impulsive. My problem is, I don't think things through, I just do them. The eyebrow thing is one example but I've had these problems in the past with dressing, relationships, my hair and so on, although I don't believe impulsiveness is always a bad thing, I do believe too much of it would only push me into real big problems that may end being too difficult to get out of. I acknowledge it's a part of myself, which I've come to appreciate (loving the mind) but I've always learnt I need to curb it sometimes too, like the piercing. Not only this but my ideals of what a teenager is, and what 'FUN' is. Oh my, that word fun, has come to hate me over the past few months. I suppose it's all about loving what Allah loves and hating what Allah hates. Like the quote, you may love a thing and it is bad for you, yet you may hate a thing while it is good for you, or so I've heard, somewhere along thos lines. 

I thought i had grown up a lot, but I realise I still have a lot more to go. I know that my end is only going to be good if I follow Islam properly and it will only lead me to chaos if I don't. So as I said,my soul finder number two, is about my mind. Conditioning my mind to understand Islam and the life I am meant to live. 


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