Monday, 14 July 2014

Feed me, Clothe me

There has been an undeniable surge and establishment of fashion in the female muslim community/hijabi fashion. I agree that it is important to take pride in your appearance and being fashionable in itself is not wrong. But wu ju bi fan- too much of anything is not good. We must govern our wants and not let them enslave us. It is okay to wear different colour hijabs, accessorize, put together different outfits or ‘OOTD’s’ etc. However, what I observe today, is hijabi’s becoming prey to consumerism and unfortunately some of us are getting eaten alive.  As muslim women, we are absolutely empowered by the clothing Allah swt has told us to wear, the abaya is a beautiful, loose fitted piece of clothing which is not only timeless, but resists any sort of ‘look’ other than the look of a muslim. It is comfortable and can wash with any occasion. There is such a beauty and a grace in the abaya and hijab that no other piece of clothing can match for a muslimah.

We must resist the consumerist society that we live in that preys off of young girls, their insecurities and their hopes and desires to be pretty and successful. Think carefully, do you desire to be viewed as beautiful? Do you feel that being beautiful is a part of success and helps to make you the ideal woman? Whom are you seeking to please? Are you feeding your naffs? Notice that often our desires are our naffs, and our naffs need constant monitoring and controlling. We must remember what Allah swt has instructed for us with regards to clothing and life in general. Taking the prophet, peace be upon him, as an example, he lived so simply, his clothes were always simple yet he was well presented. We have to remember that we are accountable for the rizq, Allah, the Most Generous, has blessed us with. We should identify ourselves as muslim women, who are God fearing and God conscious, first and foremost, and being fashionable must come secondary to this... Read more

-Taken from:, regarding fashion.  subhanAllah all of what this sister mentions is very true and sometimes as humans we forget so inshaAllah this shall bear a reminder to us all.


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