Monday, 28 July 2014

My Eid

I used to think Eid was all about fancy new clothes, cool places to go and people to see, but maybe over time our perception of quality of an Eid experience changes, maybe I got wiser or maybe I just finally come to understand how Islam can change persons outlook on life. 

I've been having a hard time with understanding life but alhamdulilah I've come to trust and put my faith in Allah and I plan to record how I did it.

Not that I know a lot but excuse me of my peasant-amateur experiences, today was Eid and alhamdulilah I didn't do a lot, I didn't buy extravagant clothes, or go new places, I didn't even see many people, all I had was my family with me and that was enough, because alhamdulilah you don't need that, Eid isn't about big celebrations it's about celebrating what you already have, and with the right attitude I was able to see that, when I was young I thought Eid was meant to be exciting and dramatic but it's not, it's only as far as what you lead your mind to believe. 

As a Muslim I know I should be happy with everything I have, and understanding I need to be sefless fighting against my nafs, my nafs tried to make me believe this Eid wasn't enough but I fought against it and I saw that Eid was fine the way it is, I just needed to understand what I wanted from life. Did I want excitement? Did I want more than what I had been given? 

The answer was no, I just wanted to be grateful to Allah, and simply being alive I could do that therefore Eid was fulfilled by itself with no other motives or minions and certainly not going to be fulfilled by my Nafs. 


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