Saturday, 17 May 2014

Driving Force Within

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

So my exams are finished! (Alhamdulilah) and I've been thinking during the exam period what tends to happen, we often get lazy and then demand change however when we want change we often speak of it more greatly than we actually act upon it. Why is this? I often question this myself because I find myself in such situations where I wonder why my attitude towards life is not always 'upbeat', well first of all, in order to have such an attitude one's mentality must be changed accordingly aswell as instilling a 'corrector'. Lets start off with the attitude to change and life. Changing can be positive when enforced correctly, we must realise that change is good and it should be maintained regularly like in many posts i have mentioned doing contious good deeds. This applies to changing attitudes to life, as I have spoken about in another post we must appreciate Allah (SWT'S) bounties and look at the positives in life. This is easy to say, obviously- so i suggest if you fall short of maintaining these good deeds or attitudes you need a 'corrector'.

A corrector is simple and everyone can install one today.

It is simply reprimanding yourself everytime you think bad of a situation. For example My life sucks because i dont have designer clothes or the latest fashions, you must reprimand yourself and tell yourself, is this going to be taken with me to my grave? Will it help my chances of entering Jannah? Would Allah be pleased with my ungratefulness? It doesnt even have to be a situation, it can even be applied to when you think bad of a person (for whatever reason), or a calamity, or just plain depression. Really whenever you feel like your spirituality is low, you should look to the causes, is it because you want fun? Or friends? Or clothes? --These all need to be corrected, as in we need to think about the bigger things in life, stop getting down about insignificant aspects of your life and start living life! Another tip, is stop feeling sorry for yourself, its hard we all love to play the victim but truth is- we havent got it that bad- so ...get over it. Okay?

Sometimes being all soft and gentle wont help,  its better we face the harsh truth than hide in our lies.

Im sorry I had to be the turkey slap in the face, but its better coming from me isn't it?

P.s ignore the date 17th may on my post I wrote it on the date but I published it today *6th june*

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