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Who's that? Oh Me

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I have been reading Life Of Pi and despite bad reviews from my friends I actually am enjoying it, I am halfway through and although I can't speak for the full novel yet, the first half is pretty damn good. I suppose the reason why I like it so much is because it raises questions, some books never raise, it goes outside the box.

Yeah people may say some classical literature is highly intellectual and educational and yada yada, all that stuff people say and then try to jam it down other's throats (you know those types, I kid I kid) but to be honest I don't care if its seen to be intellectual or not I like it -I dont read something because it has a good reputation of appearing intellectual I read it because I am interested in new ideas and different perceptions! Maybe you should give it a read, tell me your thoughts. But I should warn you PI's inconsistency to stick to one religion may annoy you so be warned.

So you may be wondering why I have decided to start talking about books all of sudden, but wahey! Hold your horses, I have a point! I think this may relate to one of my other posts but anyhoo, when we read books we read them because of several reasons, whether it is to entertain, to educate, to escape, to impress the list goes on, the reasons all in some inexplicable (perhaps spooky!) way relate to us as individuals.

Me, me and oh yeah me.

I am reading twilight because my friends read it and I don't want to be the odd one out.

Equals= All about me

I am reading Brave New World because people will think I'm smart

Equals= All about me

I am reading What A Week because I hate life and books take me away from my dull dreary life. Boohoo

Equals= All about who? Yes, Me

I understand you can't read a book for selfless reasons because who reads a book for someone else? But I mean do we ever read books in the hopes of attaining valuable Islamic knowledge that we can inform others aswell as acting upon what we learn? We need to take bigger reasons for simple actions, as in something that we do is not simply for the purpose of doing it and passing dunya time, no we do things as Muslims, with purpose for a greater reason and InshaAllah we are rewarded.

This being said it's not like you cant relax one day and just read a book to chill out- I'm talking about the constant, over obsessive nature we have when doing meaningless things. The lack of rememberance of why we do things.

So from my strange examples you may see what I'm edging towards. Yes the concept of individualism, I do this and this for myself. Unsurprisingly all our thoughts or should I say shamefully used to be mine, revovled around myself and how I Feel and how I sad I am. Now I think we all get abit wrapped around our own lives to even think about others, well yes as muslims we may donate here and there and do the odd "helping" but what it comes down to is sincerity. How sincere are we when we think of anyone besides ourselves? Do we place a bigger importance on ourselves or our beloved brothers and sisters, or even our beloved prophet (SAW)?

I think not even I can say I have truly achieved the understanding of selflessness but it's a work in the progress, don't take everything you read to mean go-away-and-immediately-change-or-else-you-may-as-well-not-try!

No we need time, and effort and...sincerity!

You put some money in the bank (okay for those who don't use banks or have one let's say piggy bank) and slowly slowly save up till you have more than you could imagine.

You started off with 1p and now the sight before your eyes you can hardly believe, yes it's the same way that when we put effort to think about others to understand the world doesn't revolve around us, that we InshaAllah will see change.

It doesn't have to be a huge change, it could be watching out for elderly people on the bus so you can offer a seat for them, or offering to open a door for someone. And for those of you who already do these things, stretch yourself! How about walking a marathon for charity? Or offering to do work at home?

That's it for now folks, you have distracted me for long enough, I have work to do unlike some people (you!) which I should be getting on with.

Don't lose hair over this, take your time, absorb it, then release the juices of knowledge to someone next time you see them and prepare to be happy InshaAllah, take care, don't go riding horses till you know how, and let me know how it goes! Peace y'all!



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