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Washing Away my Thoughts

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Undoubtedly over the past week or so, I have been feeling down. I suppose I should explain a bit more. As a fellow human being I can say, hand on my heart, that I do get down, angry, annoyed and tons of other feelings I suppose we all feel.

Every once in a while, I am not sure about you, but I definitely feel an emptiness somewhere in my soul, if you look far enough, past the wispy grey, and colourful smiles, there's not always a rainbow waiting.

I suppose I too have wondered why? And I have come to a conclusion I believe I have landed at with reflective thinking.

We all as struggling Muslimahs try our best to pray, fast, give charity and so on, but sometimes we dont feel 'good' or an uplifting sensation that I suppose we so passionately desire.

Now at first I thought it may be that I am not doing enough so I tried to doing more, then I thought I am not balancing my spirituality and my social life...but now I've come to realise that it's none of them.

It's so simple. Yes unbelievably simple. I wasn't renewing my intention every time I did the action, this is enables us to question why we do things and the bigger purpose for it.

As well as that we need to develop love for these actions, not 'pretending' we love them. Actually thinking, subhanAllah this is amazing, taking utter care in what we do. Doing it perfectly.

And when we pray absent mindedly we need to stop, clear our brains and just praise Him. Make sure we realise we are praying to Him! The almighty! This is a big, no huge thing, how can we even have the audacity to rush it? Our Creator my sisters.

In relation to thinking about our bigger purpose I have been wondering how many of us know about the great khilafa that we once had? Often we forget that as muslims we should stop and wonder about the world, why things happen and what action we should take to help our Deen. There's an event coming up that I think would be very beneficial for us all. InshaAllah try to attend if you live nearby London.


This year marks 90 years of negligence: it's time to wake up!
Sisters in East London, join us for our first Talk on the day the ummah shook. The slumber is over.

Sunday 2nd March 4:30pm
Limited spaces contact by 2nd March 2pm

Twitter: @3_3_1924



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