Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Dont talk about my friends

So lately I've been getting annoyed with people, sometimes ignoring them, maybe even having a rant. You know the usual. But i think im justified and im guessing youll agree with me.

It might surprise you to know I find it easier to talk to patients with mental health issues than I do with others. I think it has something to do with the fact that mental health patients have no desier for superiority or a want to show off- they are down to earth and genuine people.

Since my time on placement, I've realised all the things people told me- (its going to be scary, you cant trust them they are dangerous etc. Etc.) arent true. Mental health patients, although I can't generalise (that doesnt mean they arent its just I havent met a huge amount) are lovely people , they get agigtated sure, but thats like you and me my friend , no different. They arent actually that violent, sometimes if the voices in their heads gets too much it might make them louder and perhaps aggressive, but they aren't bad or crazy human beings as everyone likes to think so.

While we are on that, what does crazy even mean. That word is always used negatively when describing mental health patients, and I wonder why? Why do we surround ourselves in ignorance in 21st century society, sure you might not be able to find out but atleast be open minded, dont stigmatise groups of people because of a health condition which if i might add is possible for anyone to develop (mental health is 1in 4 i believe).

People say they are open minded but then i get comments like, oh my isnt it scary? Or wow youre doing a tough job. And you know what it really gets on my nerves, because I actually prefer mental health patients over 'normal people' because they aren't like that, mental health patients are so much more open minded and humble (obviously not all of them but compared to some people I know which is ironic considering how they are viewed). I cant go on enough about the good qualities I have seen in numerous mental health patients.

I try my best to clear up misunderstandings with people who have no idea what mental health is, and denounce it to a single word like 'crazy'. But sometimes I get really annoyed and I might not even bother talking to them. You see they arent just mental health patients anymore-theyre more like friends. (Albeit i have to leave them or theyll leave me at some point, but do you see what I mean, as in equals) and when you see people as your friends they are no longer a detachment to you, so therefore I do get angry, because I care about them and I dont like anyone talking bad about my friends. So dont do it.

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