Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Anxiety Support pt2

I have always felt a little bit strange and over time I thought I'd materialise into a normal person like everyone else. But as time went on I never did become that person I thought I'd naturally become. 

Being different I realised is not bad- wha I'm trying to do is embrace who I am and not resent myself. In Islam issues like anxiety and depression is recognised, mental health does exist, there was a time I believed it didn't but only until I developed problems did I realise how important it is to address them. Islam does have remedies but that doesn't mean professional help can't be used- so long as it's not the sole reliance or comprising religion.

Most of the time I find it's good to seek advise from those similar to you or even reading about those that are similar to you. It helps to know that there others out there like yourself.

As well as engaging in activities that you enjoy- developing positive aspects of yourself in order to avoid resentment.

You should also seek support from family and friends and it helps to talk about it either by writing it down or videoing it. I usually video it because I can watch it again to find out how I was feeling. I might also recommend trying out free NH S therapy which can be effective as there as forum and workshops you can join as well as access to therapy sessions.

I'm really sorry I actually haven't gotten any other writing material other than advise for mental health. I'm trying to find more issues to talk about please forgive me !!


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