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CTS, don't sass me

Assalamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

The media is a big place one where we can all get lost in. It's hard to believe a lot of what the media says as often it has ten lies added to it (much like in fortune telling) we never really know the truth. There's been so many events in the past few weeks, that it's actually dawning on me how much Islam is under attack. From the Charlie Hebdo incident to the new CTS law, it's apparent that these attacks are no longer indirect, they are a direct attack on our values and beliefs. I myself have no expertise on this new bill so I will post a link to a video that explains how dangerous it is. Although the video is before the bill was passed it is still useful inshaAllah. 

There was, I believe a petition to stop the bill but it went ahead, through the resilient Theresa May what wouldn't? In fact she even tried to trick her own ministers in Parliament to get through legislation. 

An overview of the CTS Bill
For those who have missed the details of the proposals stated in the CTS Bill due to the lightning speed in which it's moved from the House of Commons to the House Lords, here is a brief recap of the policies that are included within it:
1. Seizure of passports from persons suspected of involvement in terrorism - The Bill proposes granting powers to the police and the border officials to seize a person's passport for up to 14 days. The seizure applies to those coming into the UK as well as those leaving, and affects UK citizens as well as non-UK nationals, and is based on 'suspicion'; the officer need not have any grounds or evidence for his suspicion.
2. Temporary Exclusion Orders (TEOs) - The Bill will empower the Home Secretary to issue a Temporary Exclusion Order, which will ban a UK citizen who is abroad from returning for up to 2 years, where she/he believes there is a "reasonable suspicion of involvement in terrorist activity abroad".
3. Buffed up Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures - TPIMs replaced Control Orders, which were used to restrict the activity of suspected terrorists who had not been convicted. When TPIMs were introduced in 2011 they decided they would scrap the powers to move people across the country. The Home Secretary now proposes bringing back the power to send suspects to new towns, introducing internal exile.
4. Creating an obligation to monitor and report extremism - Colleges, schools, prisons, GPs and councils will now have a legal duty to prevent people being drawn into terrorism. Schools, nurseries even GPs will be required to monitor those they provide services to and report anyone they believe is at risk of, or has in fact been drawn in to terrorism. Universities will have to draw up policies on extremist campus speakers, and prisons will be required to have policies for dealing with radicals. The Home Office will be able to get court orders obliging bodies to comply with their obligations.
5. "De-Radicalisation" Panels - The Bill creates a legal duty that will require local authorities to establish a panel to refer people identified as being at risk of 'being drawn into terrorism'. The composition of that panel is set out in the Bill, and its purpose is to draw up a "de-radicalisation" plan for the person identified as being at risk. The Bill makes no provision for the person identified to have legal or other representation, or in the case of a child, to have a parent present.
6. Obligations on airlines - Airlines will now be required to disclose personal information about their passengers in advance. Airlines that refuse or fail to provide advance passenger lists will be banned from landing in Britain and may face a penalty.

- it's absolutely ridiculous, and I am aware that I'm not the only one that thinks this. Last week I went to Parliament and the agenda of issues in the House Of Lords, was interesting I must say. However if a topic like genetic modification can be debated for hours on end how is that this bill went so quick between the Houses and passed so speedily? Surely whether UK becomes a policing state is important enough to be discussed at length. The events in Paris and the recently missing schoolgirls obviously striked a riot to get such action from the usually slow and inactive Parliament. Well that's all there is to it, don't be too radical otherwise you might get reported.

Stay moderate x 

Wasalaam (next post will be the other topics in Parliament and my views)  


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