Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Treaty of Hudaibiyyah

Assalaamualikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Today I wanted to discuss the Treaty Of Hudaibiyah, if you are unaware of what I am talking about inshaAllah this will be useful.

So what I found out from a talk today and also my own research into it, is that there was disputes among the Muslims and the quraysh and eventually for the benefit of the quraysh (as the Muslims time and time again had shown they were peaceful to not only the quraysh but also other non muslim tribes)  they signed a treaty which concluded as follows. (See image) 

So from these terms you may realise they were slightly better for the quraysh than they were for the Muslims, and even some sahabahs were shocked that the prophet (saw) had chosen to sign such a treaty however you may find that in hindsight it benefitted the Muslims largely. Anyhow after this treaty was signed or before it was signed but discussed, Abu Jandal escaped from Makkah but in honouring the treaty the prophet (saw) returned him however he did say '... Allah will provide for you...(a)means of escape.' To which we later see the wisdom as it works out to benefit the Muslims largely. Also the treaty did not include men therefore women were technically exempt from the treat which meant any women migrating to Madinah did not have  to be returned. As well as that the establishment of the peace treaty allowed the prophet to spread dawah this is shown in the fact that 2years after the treaty the prophet (saw) had 10,000 men with which previously he had 1,400 (before the treaty) this not only shows the political pride of the quraysh deterioting but them essentially losing power.

What we see here is a strategic move by the prophet (saw) and although it appeared like a bad decision the outcomes largey helped to propagate Islam and strengthen the islamic state. Lastly we see that those that feld Makkah were not able to seek refuge in Madinah but ultimately they did not have to go back to Makkah so what started off as one man, (Abu Baseer RA) eventually turned into a fair sized colony this led them to effectively intervene in quraysh caravans, so much so that the quraysh begged the prophet (saw) to take them in, which essentially meant they themselves went back on the treaty they had set out. 

This treaty was important due to several reasons, first being it allowed the prophet (saw) the ability to spread Islam effectively without hassle from the quraysh, as well as isolate the Jews from Khabar. It also destroyed the Quraysh image as they were forced to negotiate and allowed public opinion to be spread amongst non muslim tribes. This essentially allowed widespread propaganda of the true message of Islam and brought forth a strengthening for the rise and conquering of the Islamic state. 

Please also inshaAllah watch the cod video explaining the hudaibiyyah treaty (explained very well )which helped me write this article. 

Sources: Mubarakpuri-Al, Rahman-Safiur :Sealed Nectar


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