Saturday, 12 July 2014

Times of Trouble

Assalaamualikum WaRahmtullahi Wa  Baraktuh, 

Not a usual post but I've been having those movie moments where I've been thinking about who I am and who I've become over this past year and... honestly I've changed. It's not a usual change it's just I've been experiencing new sides to my personality-sounds odd doesn't it? I suppose I always expected myself to be a certain way for a long time but to my surprise I haven't stayed the same, willingly I allowed myself to evolve through experiences I wish I hadn't let get the better of me. 

That's with all of us though isn't it? We fear change , we fear losing ourselves and becoming someone we hate. I've been seeing a lot on the Palestinian crisis on all the social networking sites and alhamdulilah I am glad we are coming together as an ummah. I do believe charty can help to a certain extent but ultimately I don't think that's the problem like the problems I find in myself and the fear I have of losing myself I fear the bigger picture is being lost in the hopes of raising money, the bigger awareness of a situation like Palestine requires an implentation of a an Islamic State one where we have no fear and we, have no injustice uncalled for by our caliph one where wrong is righted and the people who are poor receives their dues collected by a Caliph. (DISCLAIMER: I do not accept or promote the Palestinian flag or any flag, it is simply for the quote)


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