Monday, 30 June 2014

Freedom of Liberty

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I miss my posts where I would re-read them and think 'that's not too shabby' now more than ever however I find my posts are becoming a diary-of-a-hijabi-wimpy-kid now now don't protest too much now will you!?

I'm sorry if my posts are repetitive I try my best to make them original perhaps I shall be doing more posts on the current history I am studying.

Right now I am doing American History and oh the irony! A country built on the foundations of "freedom" and "liberty" constantly contradicting themselves even before they even started out. Thomas Jefferson the man who set out the Declaration of Independence in 1776 had slaves himself!

The whole history behind America is one of genocide! The New land what new land?! You fools! They began out as 13 British Colonies including Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island (and so on) until the US got into a civil war with Britain and declared Independence they then purchased Louisiana from Napoleon. They then began the wars to take more land (With Mexico) and the treaties with the Native Americans or should I say forcing them out?

Anyhow the America we know today is one which has always been built on corruption, pish posh freedom and democracy the so called founding fathers themselves couldn't do it right what makes you, Obama think you can? He welcomes us Ramadan when he still has the Guantanamo Bay open!

I hate you America! (The leadership not the people)

They made The Bill of Rights to declare citizens with individual rights but when it comes to the justice of muslims I guess they fall short just a bit too much huh? They talk of fair trials and juries but our muslim brothers can't even have trials before being charged, wheres the law in that? Where are you, American? We will find you, hiding in your shame, never  will you be able to destroy the muslim name, so long as we stand side by side, victory we shall attain!


See: Declaration of Independence 1776 (referring to King George III when it says 'he')and Bill of Rights 1791

Additional source notes: Reynolds David ;America, Empire of Liberty,

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