Thursday, 3 October 2013

Walking on Clouds

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I find sisters, that my best,most captivating writing is in the spur of the moment. So I will try, as I have downloaded Blogger on my Android, to do just that. Well today's random writing is about Reclaiming your lost identity. Wow sounds like a cool book or something... Well it's not it just kinda popped into my head, just now infact. What do I mean by reclaiming? Well I mean to find what was yours. It belonged to you but you might have lost it. Now I think im talking in riddles so let me explain.

When you go through a rough patch, a hard year, a toughie...things get ugly. You feel drained not only physically but spiritually aswell. Sometimes religion doesn't always seem like a viable route. Thats when we lose our identities. It happens, not everyone feels they can turn to turn to Allah (SWT) in times of difficulty but this is so far from the truth, its laughable. Really, it is. You wanna know why? Because if there's anyone*anything* that could help you through this rough time, its Allah (SWT) sisters.

Sometimes we give up on religion. Its the truth. And im saying it because it happens. Sometimes we think there's nothing that will help us in our pain. So we resort to sin to have temporary pleasures to take away the pain. This changes our very beings, who we are and what others see us as. But... why have temporary pleasure when you could have eternal peace? Weigh the scales sisters. You will see that one pound is nothing to hundred pounds.

Everyone makes mistakes but dont think that one mistake is the justification for another. You always have the ability to turn to Allah(SWT) Never think that you can't, because every moment your alive is an opportunity to change. Dont allow yourself to lose who you were because of hardship. Dont you remember our beloved rasool(saw) and his hardships? Or the other beloved prophets? A hardship is means for you to gain closeness with the almighty not a means to distance yourself.

If you allow yourself to fall into sin, your identity fades. Your purpose fades. Whats the meaning to everything you do? Your identity is being a muslim. And if you lose it you've lost the precious pearl in the best oyster. We are all muslim and we are in this dunya together so forget seeing hardships as torture to your life, think about the rewards and pleasures of the akhira, not to mention the fact Allah(SWT) is testing you because he loves you. :)

Oh my beautiful sisters I hope you are all in the highest of emaan and best of health. If there are sisters going through difficult times, remain steadfast. Good things come to those are patient. InshaAllah we can all adhere to this. Also we should all InshaAllah pray that if we are ever to face hardship that we remain strong and never lose hope in Allah (SWT) because life is unexpectable so anything could happen.

Hope this was beneficial.



  1. Very beneficial and well written mashaAllaah. JazakAllaahu khairaan for sharing with us Reepz. Love this article. J.M

    1. BarakAllah feeki! Im glad you liked it! JazakAllah Khairan! <3

  2. This is exactly what I needed to hear! Really inspiring :) May Allah guide us through our difficult times, aameen.

    1. Im so happy people are benefiting from this! JazakAllahhu Khairan. Ameen :) <3