Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Demotivation. I. Am

Assalaamualaikum Wa Rahmtullahi Wa Barakatuh,

You know those feelings of demotivation, depression, sadness, loneliness, that you get every once in a while? Well whenever I feel like that, I try to look forward and focus, because we as insaan, tend to lose focus- lose sight of the bigger picture in life. We always stray towards the meaningless- but I wanted to tell you, that it's natural to get upset, I mean not everyone is happy all the time! We all get down, but we just need to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and start afresh.

Starting afresh means, reflecting on who you are, and what you need to do. It's not just for deep thinkers, its as muslims, we should reflect on ourselves, to improve. The time when you get upset, or lonely, remember Allah is there for you no matter what, then it's just about reminding yourselves of the glorious bounties of Allah (SWT) and getting excited about the little things-like prayer, optional fasting, small sunnahs etc. If you make it exciting, you won't feel sad. La Tahzan InnAllaha Ma Ana' meaning dont be sad, Allah is with you (or us).

Do you realise, that when every person you depend on lets you down, the only one who has never let you down, is Allah (SWT) . Not many people realise this, they get caught up on the betrayal from a friend, or being let down by family...when to be truthful, you don't need anyone but Allah (SWT)! You know a great way to always feel happy, is talk to Allah. Tell Allah about your day, your problems, what your thinking, feeling...Allah is the best listener, you know? It might feel silly, but it will help you feel closer to Allah(SWT) and constantly remind you that Allah(SWT) is watching you.

Lastly, if you do get sad, even after these tips, remember how easy you have it, compared to our beloved brothers and sisters around the world. Ya Allah! Imagine our beloved brothers and sisters in Syria, Gaza, Pakistan..etc, they go through a much bigger trial than us! Allah tests us, to make us better people. I remember someone saying to me that it's like being cleaned, you know when you get a sieve and sieve away the bad, or unnecessary flour or whatever, you are getting the best at the top, right? In the same way, Allah cleanses us through the trials we face, whether we pass or not AllahuAlam! But it's getting the best out of us, if we want to attain Jannah Al Firdous, we need to be pure, have Ikhlaas(Sincerity), you know? Don't see problems for whatever reason, whether your under pressure, or stressed out, as bad thing, see it as a way to attain closeness to the almighty! Now my sisters, I want you to go away feeling happy, because Allah wanted you to read this, maybe because you were feeling upset, this message got to you for a reason, so don't ignore the advice inshaAllah! Cheer up! :D The same goes to me! :D Allahu Akbar! JazakAllah Khairan for reading, and I hope you have a blessed afternoon!

(This was a short post, I know, it's just cause' I felt like writing! InshaAllah next post will be longer + more videos, and quotes!)

Wasalaam. :D

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